Tibetan Double Dorje Phurba Necklace

$ 58.00

There is something so cool about this handmade brass double dorje Phurba pendant from Tibet.  I don’t trust myself to describe it’s meaning so I found it from seller and copied and pasted it 

“The Dorje,The thunderbold or diamond the destroys all kinds of ignorance and itself is indestructible. The Vajra is symbolises the male principle which represents method(compassion) and held in the right hand and the bell symbolises the female principle and represents the wisdom(the emptines) and held in the left hand. Their interaction leads to the enlightenment. Also the Dorje or Vajra represents the Upaya or method and Tibetans name Vajra as "Dorje. Phurba is usually used during Tibetan Buddhist tantric practices for clearing evil spirits. It is devided into three parts. The tip of it is a statue, the middle one is a dorje vajra and the edge is a dagger.”

It hangs on a 19” 14k gold filled chain with pyrite stones hand wrapped in one side.